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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Toddler Entertained on a Plane

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Toddler Entertained on a Plane


Traveling with toddlers can be a daunting task for most parents. The thought of keeping them happy and entertained on a long airplane journey can often cause panic and anxiety. However, with some strategic planning and preparation, the flight can be an exciting adventure for both parents and children.

Prepare in Advance:

The key to keeping toddlers entertained on a plane is preparation. Begin planning weeks before the flight. Share your travel plans with your child, familiarize them with the airplane and show them pictures of your destination.

  • Create a Travel Bag
  • Download Apps and Games
  • Bring Snacks

Create a Travel Bag:

Create a travel bag to keep your toddler occupied throughout the flight. Include coloring books, crayons, stickers, puzzles, and small toys. Remember to match the toys with your child’s interest.

Download Apps and Games:

Load your tablet or smartphone with your toddler’s favorite games, apps, and shows. Keep them engaged by providing new story apps or interactive games.

Bring Snacks:

Keep your child well-fed with their favorite snacks. Include a mix of healthy and not-so-healthy options. Freeze-dried fruits, popcorn, and granola bars are great options. You can also include some gummy treats as a special treat.

In-Flight Entertainment:

Once you’re on the plane, it’s all about keeping the toddler engaged. There are many ways to get creative and keep them entertained throughout the flight.

  • Take Walks Around the Cabin
  • Read Books or Tell Stories
  • Play Puzzles or Board Games

Take Walks Around the Cabin:

Take a walk around the cabin with your toddler. This can help stretch their legs and can be a nice break from sitting in the plane seat.

Read Books or Tell Stories:

Read stories to your toddler or tell them tales about your destination. Keep their imagination engaged. It will also help them relax and fall asleep on a long flight.

Play Puzzles or Board Games:

Board games can be a great way to keep a toddler entertained. If your child is too young to play board games, pack some small puzzles or matching games.


Air travel with toddlers can be challenging, but by following these tips, you can keep them entertained throughout the flight. Remember to prepare in advance and always have a backup plan. With a few strategies in place, your child can have a fun and stress-free flying experience.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Toddler Entertained on a Plane

What are some essential travel toys for toddlers?

Some essential travel toys for toddlers include colorful board books, washable markers, sticker books, small puzzles, magnetic letters/numbers, and coloring books. You want to make sure that these toys have no small pieces that could be a choking hazard.

What are some portable electronic devices that can keep a toddler entertained during a long flight?

Some portable electronic devices that can keep your toddler entertained during a long flight include tablets, mp3 players, and portable DVD players. Preload these devices with your toddler’s favorite movies, songs and games, so they can stay occupied during a long trip.

What types of snacks and drinks are appropriate for a toddler on a plane?

It’s always a good idea to pack some healthy snacks and drinks for your toddler on a plane. Some good options include fruits, granola bars, pretzels, popcorn, dry cereal, crackers, and sippy cups filled with water and juice. Don’t forget to pack some wet wipes and napkins.

How can I make sure my toddler is comfortable during a long plane ride?

One of the easiest ways to make sure your toddler is comfortable during a long plane ride is to dress them in comfortable, breathable clothing such as cotton shirts, leggings, and sneakers. You can also pack a small blanket, neck pillow and their favorite stuffed animal to keep them cozy and comfortable. Don’t forget to carry some diaper changing supplies and a change of clothes in case of spills or accidents.

What are some activities I can do with my toddler to keep them entertained during a flight?

Some activities you can do with your toddler to keep them entertained during a flight include coloring books, sticker books, reading stories, playing with magnetic blocks, and small puzzles. You can also download some educational apps on your tablet or phone, such as counting games, memory games, or interactive stories to keep them engaged. Don’t forget to take breaks, get up, and walk around the airplane cabin to keep them active and refreshed.

How can I deal with my toddler’s tantrums during a flight?

If your toddler has a tantrum during a flight, try to distract them with something new. Maybe a new toy, a snack, or a change of scenery. If that doesn’t work, try to stay calm and patient, and avoid losing your temper. If possible, walk them up and down the aisle to give them a chance to burn off energy. Don’t worry, other passengers understand that tantrums happen, and you’re not alone.

Can I bring a car seat or stroller on a plane?

Most airlines allow you to bring a car seat or stroller on a plane for free. However, you should check with your airline for their specific guidelines before you travel, as some may require the equipment to be checked in. Car seats are especially useful for infants and toddlers who need a secure place to sleep, or during take-off and landing when the use of a seat belt is required.

What should I do if my toddler gets sick during a flight?

If your toddler gets sick during a flight, notify the flight attendant immediately. They can provide you with some basic first aid supplies, such as antihistamines, Tylenol, or bandages. If your child is extremely sick, consult with the flight attendant regarding medical support options. It’s important to carry some of their basic medicine, such as fever reducer or allergy medication, and take necessary precautions, such as washing hands frequently and keeping them hydrated.

How can I make sure my toddler is safe during a flight?

To keep your toddler safe during a flight, make sure they are seated in their own seat and secure their seat belt before takeoff and during turbulence. Pack important identification documents such as their passport, birth certificate, and immunization records. Also, carry some of your toddler’s favorite items, such as a toy, blanket, favorite snack, or a mini first-aid kit, within reach. It’s important to monitor your toddler closely during the flight, and ask for assistance from the flight attendant if necessary.

Related Products for Toddler Entertainment on Planes

  • 1. Portable DVD Player
    A portable DVD player is a fantastic way to keep your toddler entertained on a long flight. You can play their favorite movies and TV shows, and they can wear headphones so as not to disturb other passengers. Portable DVD players come in a range of sizes and prices, so you can choose one that fits your budget.
  • 2. Tablet/iPad
    Tablets and iPads are another fantastic way to keep your toddler entertained on a plane. You can download games, educational apps, and movies/TV shows for them to watch. Make sure you have a kid-proof case and headphones for them to use!
  • 3. Sticker Books
    Sticker books are a fun and interactive way for toddlers to pass the time on a plane. They can work on their fine motor skills by peeling and sticking stickers, and you can find sticker books with a range of themes (e.g. animals, letters/numbers, etc.).
  • 4. Magnetic Drawing Board
    A magnetic drawing board is a great way for your toddler to draw and create without making a mess. They can erase and start over as many times as they want, and it’s easy to pack in a carry-on bag.
  • 5. Favorite Books/Magazines
    Bring along your toddler’s favorite books or magazines to read together. This is a great way to bond and also keep them entertained. If they’re old enough, you can also encourage them to read on their own.
  • 6. Snacks
    It’s always a good idea to have plenty of snacks on hand when traveling with toddlers. Bring along their favorite treats (e.g. crackers, fruit, etc.) and make sure to have plenty of water or juice for them to drink.
  • 7. Coloring Books/Crayons
    Coloring books and crayons are another classic way to keep toddlers entertained. Look for coloring books with bigger pictures and thicker lines to make it easier for them to stay in the lines.
  • 8. Travel Board Games
    If your toddler is old enough, bring along a travel board game (e.g. travel chess, Connect Four, etc.). This is a fun way to pass the time and keep them entertained.
  • 9. Travel Pillow/Blanket
    Make sure your toddler is comfortable by bringing along a travel pillow and/or blanket. They can use it to nap or snuggle up with a favorite stuffed animal.
  • 10. Noise-Cancelling Headphones
    If your toddler is sensitive to loud noises, you might want to invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. This will help them sleep or relax on the plane without being disturbed by the sounds of the airplane.

Pros & Cons of Keeping Your Toddler Entertained on a Plane


  • 1. Peace of mind for parents: Entertaining your toddler on a plane can be a daunting task, but it keeps them occupied and less likely to get cranky or restless during the flight. This can give parents peace of mind and reduce stress levels.
  • 2. Encourages creativity and imagination: Travel toys and activities can encourage your toddler to use their creativity and imagination, fostering their cognitive and social development.
  • 3. Helps pass the time: Long plane rides can be tedious for both parents and toddlers. Bringing along toys and books can help make the time pass more quickly and keep everyone engaged and entertained.
  • 4. Increases bonding opportunities: Playing with your toddler on the plane can provide a bonding opportunity that may not be possible during normal, busy schedules.
  • 5. Reduces disturbances for other passengers: By keeping your toddler entertained, they are less likely to cause a disturbance for other passengers on the plane, creating a more pleasant travel experience for everyone.
  • Cons:

  • 1. Additional luggage: Bringing along travel toys and activities for your toddler on a plane may require additional luggage, which can be cumbersome and challenging to pack.
  • 2. Limited space: Plane rides offer limited space, which can make it difficult to entertain your toddler adequately, particularly if they are energetic and active.
  • 3. Increased screen time: Many parents rely on electronics as a form of entertainment for their toddlers on a plane, which can lead to extended periods of screen time and potentially negative effects on health.
  • 4. Encourages dependence: Over reliance on travel toys and activities can create dependence on external stimuli for entertainment, instead of encouraging toddlers to entertain themselves using their own imagination and creativity.
  • 5. Expensive: Travel toys and activities can be expensive, and parents may feel the need to constantly update the toys and books to keep their toddlers entertained, adding to the cost of the trip.

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