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Baby Photography Props

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Baby Photography Props

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Baby Photography Props


When it comes to baby photography, choosing the right props is crucial to make your photoshoots stand out. The right props serve as the perfect complement to the beauty and innocence of the baby, and they help to set the tone and enhance the mood of the image.

Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional, understanding how to choose the right photography props can make all the difference in your pictures. In this guide, we will explore some of the essential factors that you need to consider when selecting baby photography props.

1. Safety

When choosing baby photography props, safety should always be your top priority. Make sure that the props you choose are safe for babies to use and handle. Prop materials should be free of toxic chemicals and sharp edges that may harm the baby. Also, avoid selecting props that may pose a choking hazard to the baby, such as small plastic toys or beads.

2. Comfort

A comfortable baby is a happy baby. Choose photography props that will not cause discomfort to the baby. Consider items such as soft blankets, plush pillows, or gentle wraps that will keep the baby warm and cozy during the photoshoot. Ensure that the baby can move around freely and that their clothing and accessories do not cause any form of irritation.

3. Age-appropriate

Babies grow fast, and what might have been a perfect prop for a newborn may not be suitable for older babies. Consider the age of the child when selecting props. This will help you select items that are relevant and appropriate for their age and developmental stage.

4. Colors and Aesthetics

Colors and aesthetics are an essential aspect of baby photography. Consider the color combinations that will work well with your chosen theme or style. Choose props that complement the colors in the background, clothing, and other necessary accessories. Also, consider the texture and finish of the props to ensure that they add depth and contrast to your images.

5. Versatility

When selecting baby photography props, choose items that are versatile and can be used in different photoshoots. For example, a neutral-colored basket can be used for a newborn photoshoot, as well as for a six-month-old baby shoot. Selecting props that are versatile will help to save you time and money in the long run.

6. The Theme

The theme of the photoshoot is crucial when selecting photography props. Choose items that align with your chosen theme or style. For example, if you are doing a Christmas-themed photoshoot, consider using props such as Santa hats, Christmas stockings or ornaments. The theme helps to tie all the elements of the photoshoot together, and the props play a critical role in anchoring the theme.

  • Conclusion

Choosing the right baby photography props can help to elevate your photoshoots and make your images stand out. Remember to consider factors such as safety, comfort, age-appropriateness, colors, versatility, and theme when selecting baby photography props. With these tips, you can be sure to select props that will enhance the beauty and innocence of the baby.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Baby Photography Props – FAQ

What are baby photography props?

Baby photography props are items that help enhance the photo shoot and can range from blankets and wraps to headbands, hats, baskets, and even stuffed animals or toys.

Why do photographers use baby photography props?

Photographers use baby photography props to add visual interest to their photos, create variety in the shots, and provide context or a theme for the session.

What types of baby photography props are there?

There are many types of baby photography props including blankets, wraps, headbands, hats, baskets, bowls, buckets, crates, chairs, swings, beds, and more. The possibilities are endless!

How do I choose the right baby photography props?

Choose baby photography props that match the style of your photo shoot and compliment the baby’s outfit and features. Look for neutral colors and textures to create a timeless look. You can also choose props that express a theme or add a pop of color.

Where can I buy baby photography props?

You can buy baby photography props online from specialty photography stores, Etsy sellers, or even Amazon. You can also find props at local craft stores, second-hand shops, or create your own!

Can I use household items as baby photography props?

Yes! Household items like blankets, baskets, and chairs can make great baby photography props. Just make sure they are clean and safe for the baby to use.

What should I consider when using baby photography props?

When using baby photography props, always prioritize the safety and comfort of the baby. Make sure the props are clean and secure, and do not pose any risk of harm to the baby. Additionally, keep in mind the baby’s temperament and use props that they will be comfortable with.

How do I prepare for a baby photo shoot with props?

Prepare for a baby photo shoot with props by selecting the props ahead of time and making sure they are clean and ready to use. Test out the props beforehand and have a plan in place for how you will use them during the shoot. Additionally, make sure the baby is well-fed, rested, and comfortable before starting the shoot.

What are some popular baby photography prop themes?

Popular baby photography prop themes include rustic, vintage, floral, bohemian, and seasonal themes like fall or Christmas. You can also create your own theme based on the baby’s interests or hobbies.

How do I store and maintain my baby photography props?

Store your baby photography props in a clean, dry space and keep them organized so they are easy to find and use. Wash any soft props like blankets or wraps regularly and keep hard props like baskets or chairs clean and dust-free.

Do I need a lot of baby photography props?

No, you do not need a lot of baby photography props to create beautiful photos. A few carefully selected props can go a long way in enhancing your photos and creating a unique look. Quality over quantity is key!

Related Products for Choosing Baby Photography Props

  • Newborn Photography Posing Pillow

    A posing pillow is a must-have accessory for newborn photography. It helps in getting the perfect pose of the baby and provides comfort and support to the newborn. The pillow should be soft and gentle to the baby’s skin. Choose a posing pillow that is made of high-quality material and easy to clean.

  • Baby Wraps and Swaddles

    Wraps and swaddles are useful for creating comfortable and cozy environments for newborns. They can also serve as a background or accessory for photography. Look for wraps and swaddles that are breathable, soft, and hypoallergenic, to avoid any irritation to the baby’s skin.

  • Baby Headbands and Hats

    Adding headbands and hats to your baby’s outfit can enhance the appearance of any photography session. They can bring style, texture, and color to your baby’s overall look. Consider headbands and hats that are lightweight and adjustable for baby’s comfort.

  • Baby Photography Props Set

    A photography prop set is a convenient way to have all the necessary props for your baby’s photoshoot. You can choose from different themes and designs that suit your preference and style. Make sure to select a high-quality set that is safe for your baby to use.

  • Baby Photography Backdrops

    A backdrop can provide a great background for your baby’s photoshoot. They come in different colors, designs, and textures, to suit different styles and preferences. Make sure to choose a backdrop that is made of high-quality material and easy to clean.

  • Baby Milestone Blanket

    A milestone blanket can capture your baby’s growth and development over time. It is a fun and unique way to document your baby’s achievements. Look for a blanket that is made of soft and comfortable material, and easy to wash.

  • Baby Photography Props Basket

    A basket can provide a unique and natural look to your baby’s photoshoot. It can be used as a prop for different poses and angles. Look for a basket that is made of natural material and sturdy enough to hold your baby’s weight.

  • Baby Photography Props Pillow Set

    A pillow set can provide support and comfort to your baby during the photoshoot. It can also be a prop to enhance the overall look and feel of the photo. Look for a set that is soft, lightweight, and easy to clean.

  • Baby Photography Printables

    Printables are an excellent way to add a personal and creative touch to your baby’s photoshoot. You can choose from different designs and themes that suit your style and preference. Make sure to select printables that are high-quality and easy to print.

  • Baby Photography Flower Crown

    A flower crown can add a natural and bohemian vibe to your baby’s photoshoot. It can be used for different themes and occasions. Look for a flower crown that is made of high-quality material, lightweight, and easy to wear.

  • Pros & Cons of Choosing Baby Photography Props


  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Baby photography props can add beauty and interest to your baby photos. The right props can enhance the baby’s features and make the photo look amazing.
  • Alluring: The use of baby photography props can help in keeping the baby interested and happy so that they stay still for longer periods of time while the photographer captures precious moments.
  • Creative Flair: Using props can help the photographer bring out their artistic side and explore different ideas that can make their photos stand out.
  • Increased Variety: Props can offer a variety of backgrounds and settings, from exotic to traditional, depending on the choice of the photographer.
  • Complementary: The right baby photography prop can complement a baby’s features to make them more appealing to the viewer.
  • Cons:

  • Distracting: Using too many props can be distracting to the viewer and can take the focus away from the baby, causing them to be overwhelmed and distracted.
  • Unnatural: An overabundance of props can make the photo look cluttered, unnatural and detract from the natural beauty of the baby.
  • Cost: Using baby photography props can add to the cost of a photo-shoot, especially if the subject matter requires more than one prop.
  • Unnecessary: Not all photographs require props. Basic backgrounds or natural surroundings can be suitable enough and make the photo look just as beautiful.
  • Safety: If not used with caution, some props can cause harm to the baby and put them at risk, therefore it’s important to choose props that are baby-friendly and safe.

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