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The Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for a Baby Shower

The Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for a Baby Shower

Are you attending a baby shower soon but don’t know what to wear? Dressing appropriately for a baby shower can be tricky, but we’ve got you covered. Here are the dos and don’ts of dressing for a baby shower, from the attire to the accessories.

The Dos

  • Choose light and comfortable clothing: Baby showers can be held indoors or outdoors, so it’s important to dress comfortably for the occasion. Opt for light and breathable fabrics, such as cotton or linen, to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the event.
  • Wear pastel colors: Pastel colors, such as pink, blue, yellow, and green, are perfect for a baby shower. They are soft, charming, and add a touch of elegance to your outfit. You can choose to wear pastel-colored dresses, skirts, blouses, or pants.
  • Dress conservatively: Although baby showers are a celebratory event, it’s essential to dress conservatively. Avoid wearing anything too revealing or revealing to maintain a good impression with your hosts and guests. You can choose to wear a dress or a blouse paired with skirts or pants.
  • Accessorize elegantly: Accessories can make or break your outfit, so choose them wisely. Opt for elegant jewelry, such as simple necklaces or bracelets, that complement your outfit. You can also carry a clutch or a small purse that matches your outfit.
  • The Don’ts

    • Avoid wearing black: Black is a classy and elegant color, but it’s not suitable for a baby shower. It’s better to choose softer colors instead of black as it might not be appropriate for the celebratory occasion.
    • Don’t wear high heels: It’s tempting to wear high heels to elevate your outfit. But, baby showers can last for several hours, and it’s better to select comfortable footwear that you can walk and stand in comfortably. Opt for flat or low-heeled shoes that complement your outfit.
    • Avoid wearing too much makeup: While it’s essential to look presentable, don’t apply too much makeup. Keep it simple and elegant by applying light makeup to accentuate your features. Opt for natural shades of lipstick, foundation, and eyeshadow.
    • Don’t bring large bags: Large bags can easily get in the way and might create unnecessary clutter. Instead, bring a small bag or a clutch that accommodates all your essentials, such as your phone, wallet, and keys.

    In conclusion, attending a baby shower is a joyous occasion that requires appropriate attire and accessories. Follow these dos and don’ts to ensure that you look and feel your best while celebrating with your loved ones. Remember, it’s always better to be comfortable and conservative than to create an inappropriate impression.

FAQ: Baby Shower Attire Advice

What should I wear to a baby shower?

It depends on the dress code of the shower. Generally, a nice dress, skirt and blouse, or dress pants and a blouse are appropriate attire. The key is to avoid jeans, shorts, and anything too revealing or casual.

Can I wear white to a baby shower?

It’s best to avoid wearing white to a baby shower unless it is specifically mentioned in the dress code. White traditionally is reserved for the mother-to-be, and you don’t want to inadvertently steal the spotlight.

Can I wear black to a baby shower?

Yes, black is a great choice for a baby shower. It’s a classic, slimming color that is appropriate for a variety of occasions. Just make sure to add some colorful accessories to brighten up the look and keep it from feeling too formal.

Can I wear a jumpsuit or romper to a baby shower?

Jumpsuits and rompers can be a great choice for a baby shower, but make sure the fabric isn’t too casual or beachy. Look for jumpsuits and rompers in dressier fabrics like silk or chiffon. Just be sure to try on the outfit beforehand to ensure it isn’t too revealing or difficult to move in.

Can I wear heels to a baby shower?

Yes, you can definitely wear heels to a baby shower. Just make sure they are comfortable enough to wear for a few hours. Wedges or block heels are a great option because they give height without compromising comfort.

What accessories should I wear to a baby shower?

Simple, classic accessories are the best choice for a baby shower. A statement necklace, earrings, or bracelet can add some extra sparkle to your outfit without overpowering it. A clutch or small handbag is a great choice for toting around your essentials without being too bulky.

Can I wear jeans to a baby shower?

It’s best to avoid jeans at a baby shower unless it’s specifically mentioned in the dress code or theme. Jeans can come across as too casual or even disrespectful to the mother-to-be.

What should I avoid wearing to a baby shower?

Avoid anything too revealing, like a low-cut top or short skirt. Also, stay clear of anything too casual like athletic wear or beachwear. Other things to avoid are distracting patterns or graphics, logos, and anything too tight or sheer. Remember, this is a day to celebrate a new life, so you want your outfit to be respectful and tasteful.

What should I wear if I don’t know the dress code?

If you’re unsure about the dress code, it’s better to err on the side of caution and dress up rather than down. A nice dress or blouse and skirt will always be appropriate, and you can add or remove accessories to dress up or dress down the outfit as needed.

Can I wear flats to a baby shower?

Yes, flats can be a great choice for a baby shower. Just make sure they are dressy enough to match the occasion. Some great options include ballet flats, loafers, or sandals with a small heel.

What colors should I avoid wearing to a baby shower?

Avoid wearing anything too bright or loud that could take attention away from the mother-to-be. Also, steer clear of anything with graphics or patterns that could be seen as too busy or distracting. Finally, avoid wearing anything that could come across as disrespectful, like all black or all white.

Related Products for Baby Shower Attire Advice

    Baby Shower Dresses

    If you’re the expecting mom or a close family member/friend of the mom-to-be, a baby shower dress is a must-have. Not only is it comfortable and convenient, but it’s also chic and perfect for photo opportunities. You can opt for a floral wrap dress or a maxi dress that drapes over your bump. Check out brands like Seraphine, ASOS, and PinkBlush for stunning maternity dresses.

    Baby Shower Shoes

    It’s important to wear comfortable shoes when attending a baby shower, especially if you’ll be standing for prolonged periods. Opt for flats, sandals, or low block heels that complement your outfit. Brands like Clarks, Toms, and Skechers offer stylish yet comfortable shoes that won’t hurt your feet.

    Baby Shower Accessories

    No outfit is complete without the right accessories. When choosing accessories for a baby shower, opt for subtle yet chic pieces that won’t take away from your outfit. Choose from dainty necklaces, bracelet sets, and stud earrings that complement your dress. Check out brands like BaubleBar, Kendra Scott, and Kate Spade for a wide range of accessories.

    Baby Shower Gifts

    If you’re attending a baby shower, it’s always a good idea to bring a gift for the mom-to-be. You can choose from a wide range of baby gifts like diaper bags, baby carriers, and swaddles. Consider the mom-to-be’s taste and preferences when choosing a gift, and opt for a unique and practical option. Check out brands like Skip Hop, Ergobaby, and Aden + Anais for a wide range of baby shower gifts.

    Maternity Shapewear

    If you’re looking for a little extra support and shape, opt for maternity shapewear. Maternity shapewear can help smooth out any bumps and lumps, creating a sleek and polished look. Brands like Spanx, Belly Bandit, and Motherhood Maternity offer a wide range of maternity shapewear options.

    Baby Shower Makeup

    When attending a baby shower, subtle and natural-looking makeup is best. Opt for a tinted moisturizer, a light-colored lipstick, and neutral eye shadow to create a fresh and dewy look. Check out brands like MAC, Tarte, and Maybelline for a wide range of makeup options.

    Baby Shower Hairstyles

    For a baby shower, opt for a simple yet chic hairstyle that complements your outfit. You can opt for a polished ponytail, a messy bun, or loose waves that frame your face. Check out hair tutorials on YouTube to find the perfect hairstyle for your baby shower.

Pros & Cons of the Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for a Baby Shower


  • Comfortable clothing: Dressing for a baby shower in comfortable clothing ensures that pregnant women and other guests can relax and enjoy the festivities without worrying about uncomfortable clothing.
  • Appropriate clothing: Choosing appropriate clothing for a baby shower ensures that guests will not be over or underdressed, and can feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Celebratory clothing: Guests dressing in celebratory clothing can add to the festive atmosphere of the baby shower and help to create a positive and fun atmosphere for everyone.
  • Reflecting personal style: Dressing according to personal style can help to make a guest feel confident and comfortable, and can also allow guests to express their own personality and uniqueness at the event.
  • Adhering to the theme: Dressing in accordance with the theme of the baby shower can help to create a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere for everyone, and can also help the mom-to-be to feel that her preferences and wishes have been respected and acknowledged.


  • Inappropriate clothing: Choosing inappropriate clothing for a baby shower can make guests feel uncomfortable and out of place, and can also detract from the positive atmosphere of the event.
  • Overdressing: Overdressing for a baby shower can make guests feel self-conscious and overdressed, and can also detract from the relaxed and celebratory atmosphere of the event.
  • Underdressing: Underdressing for a baby shower can also make guests feel uncomfortable and out of place, and can detract from the celebratory atmosphere of the event.
  • Discomfort: Dressing in uncomfortable clothing can make it difficult for guests to relax and enjoy the party, leading to a less positive and festive atmosphere overall.
  • Not adhering to the theme: Not adhering to the theme of the baby shower can make it difficult to create a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere, and can also make the mom-to-be feel that her preferences and wishes have been overlooked or ignored.

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