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Traveling with Baby

The best travel strollers for your next family vacation

The Best Travel Strollers for Your Next Family Vacation


Traveling with a baby can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to packing. One of the most important items to bring is a stroller. However, not all strollers are created equal, and some are more travel-friendly than others. In this article, we will explore some of the best travel strollers on the market.

The Benefits of a Travel Stroller

A travel stroller is designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to maneuver. This makes it the perfect option for families who plan to do a lot of traveling. Some of the benefits of a travel stroller include:

  • Easy to pack and transport
  • Takes up less space than a traditional stroller
  • Easier to maneuver in tight spaces
  • Often more affordable than traditional strollers
  • Some can be carried on planes as a carry-on item

Top Picks

After extensive research, the following strollers stood out as some of the best travel strollers currently available:

1. Babyzen YoYo

The Babyzen YoYo is known for being ultra-compact and weighing only 13 pounds. It can be folded up and carried on your shoulder using the included strap. It can also be taken on planes as a carry-on item.

2. GB Pockit+

The GB Pockit+ is the world’s smallest folding stroller, according to the Guinness World Records. It can be folded up to the size of a handbag and is lightweight at only 12.3 pounds.

3. Mountain Buggy Nano

The Mountain Buggy Nano is a lightweight stroller that can be folded up and carried on your shoulder. It also features a car seat adapter, making it easy to use with your infant car seat.

4. UPPAbaby Minu

The UPPAbaby Minu is a compact stroller that is easy to fold up with one hand. It also features a spacious storage basket and an extendable sunshade.

5. Kolcraft Cloud Plus

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is an affordable option that is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It also features a multi-position reclining seat and a removable child tray.


Traveling with a baby can be stressful, but having a travel stroller can make it easier. The strollers listed above are some of the best options currently available, offering convenience, affordability, and ease of use. Choose one that works for you and enjoy your next family vacation!

The Best Travel Strollers for Your Next Family Vacation – FAQ

Q: What are travel strollers?

Travel strollers are lightweight, compact, and portable strollers that are designed for easy transportation during travel. They are often smaller and lighter than regular strollers, making them ideal for plane, train, or car travel.

Q: Can I take a travel stroller on a plane?

Yes, most airlines allow travel strollers to be brought on board as a carry-on item or checked in with your baggage. However, it’s recommended that you check with your airline beforehand to confirm their regulations and requirements.

Q: What makes a good travel stroller?

A good travel stroller should be lightweight and compact, easy to fold and unfold, and able to fit in tight spaces such as overhead bins or car trunks. It should also have features such as a canopy and a storage basket for convenience.

Q: Are three-wheel or four-wheel strollers better for travel?

It depends on your personal preference and needs. Three-wheel strollers are more lightweight and maneuverable, making them ideal for travel, especially on uneven surfaces. Four-wheel strollers, on the other hand, are generally more stable and offer more support but can be heavier and bulkier.

Q: What is the weight limit for travel strollers?

The weight limit for travel strollers varies depending on the model and manufacturer. However, most travel strollers can accommodate infants and toddlers up to 50 pounds.

Q: Can travel strollers be used as an everyday stroller?

Yes, most travel strollers can be used as an everyday stroller. However, it’s important to note that they may not have all the features and functionalities of a full-size stroller and may not be as comfortable for longer periods of use.

Q: Are travel strollers expensive?

Travel strollers come in a range of prices, from budget-friendly options to high-end models. You can find a good quality travel stroller for as little as $50 or spend up to $500 for a top-of-the-line model.

Q: What are some good brands of travel strollers?

Some popular brands of travel strollers include Babyzen, Mountain Buggy, UPPAbaby, and Summer Infant. However, there are many other brands that offer quality travel strollers, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase.

Q: Can travel strollers be used for jogging or running?

Some travel strollers are designed for jogging or running, but most are not. If you’re looking for a stroller to use for exercise, it’s best to choose a stroller that is specifically designed for jogging or running.

Q: Do all travel strollers come with a canopy?

Most travel strollers come with a canopy, but the size and coverage of the canopy can vary. Some canopies are larger and offer more protection from the sun and rain than others.

Q: Are travel strollers easy to clean?

Most travel strollers are designed to be easy to clean with a damp cloth or sponge. However, some models may have fabrics or materials that require special cleaning instructions.

Q: What are the advantages of using a travel stroller?

  • They are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport during travel.
  • They can be used as a carry-on item or checked in with your baggage on most airlines.
  • They can be used as an everyday stroller for quick trips or errands.
  • They are generally less expensive than full-size strollers.

Q: Can travel strollers be used for newborns?

Most travel strollers are not designed for newborns and do not have the necessary features for newborn safety and comfort, such as a reclining seat and a flat sleeping surface. However, some travel strollers do offer the option to attach a car seat, making them suitable for use with newborns.

Related Products for Travel Strollers for Families

  • Diaper Bags: When traveling with a baby, a reliable diaper bag is essential. Look for one with plenty of pockets for organization, adjustable straps for comfortable carrying, and a waterproof lining in case of spills or accidents.
  • Baby Carriers: Sometimes a stroller just isn’t practical, especially in crowded areas or when navigating stairs. A baby carrier allows you to keep your little one close while keeping your hands free. Look for one with adjustable straps, adequate support, and a comfortable fit for both you and baby.
  • Travel Cots: If you’re going to be spending a lot of time away from home, a portable travel cot is a great investment. Look for one that’s lightweight and easy to assemble, with a comfortable mattress for your baby.
  • Pacifiers: A pacifier can be a lifesaver when traveling with a fussy baby. Look for one that’s easy to clean and sterilize, and that has a shape and texture that your baby likes.
  • Baby Wipes: Whether you’re changing a diaper or cleaning up a mess, baby wipes are a must-have when traveling with a baby. Look for ones that are gentle on your baby’s skin and that come in a compact, portable package.
  • Sunscreen: When you’re out and about with a baby, it’s important to protect their delicate skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Look for a sunscreen that’s specifically formulated for babies, with a high SPF and gentle, non-irritating ingredients.
  • Baby Bottles: If your baby is bottle-fed, be sure to pack plenty of bottles and formula when traveling. Look for bottles that are easy to clean and sterilize, and that have a shape and flow that your baby likes.
  • Stroller Accessories: There are a variety of accessories that can make traveling with a stroller even easier. Look for items like rain covers, sun shades, cup holders, and storage baskets to make your life easier on the go.

Pros & Cons: The Best Travel Strollers for your Next Family Vacation


  • Compact size: Many travel strollers are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport on planes, trains, and in cars. They can be folded up to fit into overhead bins, trunks, and carry-on bags.
  • Easy to maneuver: Travel strollers are often designed with smaller wheels and better maneuverability, making them easier to navigate through tight spaces and crowded areas.
  • Comfortable: Many travel strollers come equipped with built-in padding, adjustable seat recline, and adjustable footrests for added comfort for your child during long journeys.
  • Value for money: As travel strollers are often less expensive than their bulkier counterparts, they are a great option for parents who want a lightweight stroller that won’t break the bank.
  • Easy to use: Many travel strollers are designed to fold and unfold with ease, making them a breeze to use on the go. Some strollers also come with added features like a one-handed fold and recline function for added convenience.


  • Less durable: As travel strollers are designed to be lightweight and easy to transport, they may not be as sturdy or durable as full-size strollers.
  • Less storage: Many travel strollers have limited storage space compared to larger strollers, which may be an issue when travelling with bulky items like diaper bags and snacks.
  • Less features: Travel strollers may be lacking some of the features of larger strollers, such as adjustable handles or all-terrain wheels.
  • Less suitable for newborns: Some travel strollers may not be suitable for infants or newborns, as they may not offer enough support or have the ability to recline all the way back for a comfortable sleeping position.
  • Less comfort for adults: As travel strollers are designed to be lightweight and compact, they may not always offer as much comfort for adults who are pushing them for long periods of time. Some strollers may have shorter handles or less padding on the handlebars.

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