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Water and Bath Toys

Sail Away: Water Toys to Turn Bath Time Into an Ocean Adventure

Sail Away: Water Toys to Turn Bath Time Into an Ocean Adventure

Are you tired of the same old rubber duckies and plastic cups during bath time? If you’re looking to add some excitement to your little one’s bath time routine, introducing some fun water toys is the way to go! Here are some of the best water toys to turn bath time into a thrilling ocean adventure.

1. Boats and Ships

Boats and ships are classic bath toys that every child loves. Choose from a variety of boat and ship designs, including pirate ships, speedboats, submarines, and more. These toys will keep your child entertained for hours as they sail through the imaginary seas of their bathtub.

2. Floating Animals

Add some fun and whimsy to your child’s bath with floating animal toys. You can find everything from rubber ducks to sea creatures like turtles, dolphins, and whales. These toys are perfect for sparking your child’s imagination and encouraging them to learn about different animals.

3. Water Wheels and Waterfalls

Water wheels and waterfalls are interactive toys that allow your child to play with water in a new way. Water wheels provide plenty of sensory stimulation as your child watches the wheel turn, and waterfalls create a soothing sound that can help your child relax before bedtime.

4. Bath Crayons and Paints

Bath time is the perfect opportunity for your child to showcase their artistic skills. Bath crayons and paints are made with specially formulated materials that can be safely used on tiles, porcelain, and skin. Your child can let their creativity run wild without you having to worry about cleaning up a mess.

5. Foam Bath Puzzle

Foam bath puzzles are a fun way to help your child learn colors, numbers, and shapes. These puzzles stick to the tub walls and tiles when wet, and they float on the surface of the water, making them perfect for younger children. These toys are also easy to clean and dry quickly, making them perfect for busy parents.

6. Water Sprinklers

Water sprinklers are a great way for children to cool off during hot summer months. These toys attach to your bathtub or showerhead and provide a gentle stream of water that your child can play under. Water sprinklers can also make bath time more fun and exciting for older toddlers and preschoolers.

7. Water Guns

Water guns are another fun way to add some excitement to your child’s bath time routine. They can be used for friendly water fights or to help your child learn how to aim and shoot. Just make sure you choose a water gun that is appropriate for your child’s age and skill level.


Bath time doesn’t have to be boring! With these fun water toys, your child can let their imagination run wild as they embark on adventures through the imaginary seas of their bathtub. From boats and ships to bath crayons and paints, there are plenty of options out there to keep your child entertained and engaged during bath time. So, grab some toys and get ready to set sail!

Sail Away: Water Toys to Turn Bath Time Into an Ocean Adventure FAQ

Q: What are water toys?

Water toys are toys designed for use in the water, such as in a bath, swimming pool, or lake. They can include toys that float, squirt water, or make noise, among others.

Q: Why are water toys good for kids?

Water toys can make bath time more enjoyable for kids, which can help encourage good hygiene habits. Additionally, water toys can help promote sensory play, which is important for a child’s development.

Q: How can I choose the best water toys for my child?

When choosing water toys for your child, consider their age, interests, and developmental stage. Look for toys that are appropriate for their age and skill level, and that will engage their senses and encourage exploration and creativity.

Q: What are some examples of water toys?

Some examples of water toys include rubber ducks, floating boats, water squirters, bath crayons, and bath puzzles.

Q: Can water toys be educational?

Yes, water toys can be educational. They can help develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills, among other things.

Q: Are water toys safe for children?

Yes, water toys can be safe for children if used properly. It is important to always supervise your child during bath time and to make sure that any toys you give them are age-appropriate and free of choking hazards.

Q: How can I clean my child’s water toys?

You can clean your child’s water toys by washing them with soap and water, or by using a mixture of vinegar and water. Be sure to rinse the toys thoroughly and let them air dry before giving them back to your child.

Q: Can water toys help with sensory processing?

Yes, water toys can help with sensory processing by providing different textures, colors, and sensations for your child to explore. This can help them develop their sensory processing skills over time.

Q: How often should I replace my child’s water toys?

You should replace your child’s water toys if they start to show signs of wear and tear, or if they become moldy or mildewed. It is also a good idea to replace them periodically as your child grows and their interests and skill levels change.

Q: Are all water toys suitable for all ages?

No, not all water toys are suitable for all ages. It is important to choose toys that are appropriate for your child’s age and skill level, and that do not pose a choking hazard or other safety risk.

Q: Can water toys be used outside of the bath?

Yes, many water toys can be used outside of the bath, such as in a pool or at the beach. However, it is important to make sure that the toys are designed for outdoor use and are appropriate for the environment in which they will be used.

Related Products: Water Toys for Bath Time

  • Boon Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toy:
  • The Boon Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toy is perfect for babies and toddlers who love to play with jellyfish. These colorful, soft, and fun jellyfish toys stick to the wall of the bath or shower using suction cups, providing endless entertainment for little ones. Made from durable, BPA-free materials, these toys are easy to clean and are sure to become a bath time favorite for both parents and children.

  • Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy:
  • The Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy is a set of four colorful, textured bubbles that float and rattle in the water. These toys are great for developing a baby’s hand-eye coordination, sensory skills, and motor skills. Each bubble has a unique texture and shape, making them interesting to explore and play with. Made of durable, non-toxic material, these toys are easy to clean and safe for babies to play with in the bath or pool.

  • Green Toys Ferry Boat and Cars Bath Toy:
  • The Green Toys Ferry Boat and Cars Bath Toy is a fun and eco-friendly toy for babies and young children. Made from 100% recycled plastic, this set includes a ferry boat and two cars that can be loaded onto the boat and sent off on a bath time adventure. The boat has a wide opening for easy cleaning, and the cars are designed to float in the water. This toy is great for stimulating a child’s imagination and encouraging creative play in the bath or pool.

  • Nuby Octopus Bath Time Toss Toy:
  • The Nuby Octopus Bath Time Toss Toy is a fun and interactive toy for babies and toddlers who love to splash around in the water. This set includes a colorful octopus and three small, ring-shaped toys that can be tossed around and caught in the water. The octopus has a suction cup base, making it easy to stick to the wall of the bath or shower. Made from durable, non-toxic materials, this toy is great for developing a child’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

  • Boon Pipes Bath Toy:
  • The Boon Pipes Bath Toy is a set of colorful, interlocking pipes that can be used to create a water chain for bath time play. Each pipe has a unique shape and function, making it interesting for babies and toddlers to explore and problem-solve. The pipes are made from BPA-free materials and are easy to clean. This toy is great for encouraging creative thinking and spatial awareness in young children.

    Pros & Cons of Sail Away: Water Toys to Turn Bath Time Into an Ocean Adventure


    • Engages Children in Imaginative Play: Sail Away water toys can turn a mundane bath time into an exciting ocean adventure, and encourage children to use their imaginations as they play with the toys.
    • Helps Children Learn Motor Skills: Playing with water toys can improve hand-eye coordination, encourage tactile exploration, and help develop fine motor skills in children.
    • Makes Bath Time Fun: Children who are hesitant about bath time may be more willing to get clean if it’s a fun activity that involves playing with Sail Away water toys.
    • Helps Develop Creativity: The brightly colored and unique water toys allow children to create their own stories and scenarios, helping to develop their creativity and storytelling abilities.
    • Easy to Clean: Sail Away water toys are made of durable, easy-to-clean materials that can withstand frequent use and regular cleaning.
    • Affordable: Compared to other bath toys on the market, Sail Away water toys are an affordable option that won’t break the bank.


    • Potential for Mold Growth: Like all bath toys, Sail Away water toys can develop mold if not properly cleaned and dried after each use.
    • May Encourage Water Waste: Children may want to stay in the bath longer to continue playing with the water toys, leading to increased water usage.
    • Not Safe for All Ages: Some water toys may not be safe for children under a certain age or with certain medical conditions, so it’s important to read the packaging carefully and supervise children when using the toys.
    • Takes up Space: Depending on the size and number of water toys, they can take up a significant amount of space in the bathroom or bath tub.
    • Can Be Loud: Some of the water toys may make noise or splash loudly, which can be a concern for parents with sleeping children nearby.
    • Potential for Water Damage: Children may accidentally splash water outside of the bath tub when playing with the toys, leading to potential water damage to surrounding areas.

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