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Baby Photography Props

How to Use Baby Photography Props to Create Memorable Family Photos

How to Use Baby Photography Props to Create Memorable Family Photos


Babies are adorable and capturing their moments is a great way to create lasting memories. Baby photography has become a popular trend and parents want to capture every precious moment of their little ones. Photography props are a great way to add a creative and personal touch to baby photos.

What are Baby Photography Props?

Baby photography props are objects that are used to add elements of interest, texture, and color to photographs. These props can be anything from baskets, blankets, hats, pillows, and toys. Photography props can make a photo session more fun and interactive for babies and also add a unique touch and character to the photograph being taken.

Choosing the Right Prop for Your Baby’s Photoshoot

When it comes to choosing a prop, you must consider the size, color, and texture. The size of the prop should be in proportion to the baby so that it doesn’t overwhelm the photo. Color plays a crucial role in a photograph, so choose colors that complement the baby’s skin tone or dress. Textured props add visual interest and depth to the photograph.

Creating a Theme with Props

Using props can help create a theme for the photo session. If you’re using a sports ball or a musician’s instrument as a prop, it can create an athletic or musical theme for the photoshoot. You can use seasonal props like pumpkins for Halloween or Christmas ornaments for a holiday-themed photoshoot.

DIY Photography Props

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on props. You can get creative with DIY props. You can create a backdrop by using a large piece of fabric or paper that complements the color of the baby’s outfit. You can use flowers, balloons, or even fruit as DIY props. DIY props offer a personal touch and creativity to the photo.

Handling the Props

Before using a prop, always make sure that it’s clean and safe for your baby. Simple props like blankets and pillows should be soft and cozy. They should be handled carefully so that the baby remains comfortable and safe.


Using photography props is an excellent way to add interest, texture, and color to baby photos. Props can create a theme and make a photo session interactive and fun for the baby. With some creativity and a bit of work, you can create DIY props that offer a personal touch and uniqueness to your baby’s photoshoot. Always remember to handle the props carefully and always ensure that the baby remains safe and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – How to Use Baby Photography Props to Create Memorable Family Photos

What are some popular baby photography props?

Some popular baby photography props include blankets, baskets, hats, headbands, tutus, flowers, wooden crates, and stuffed animals. You can also use seasonal props such as pumpkins during the fall season or Christmas ornaments during the holiday season.

How do I choose the right baby photography prop?

When choosing a baby photography prop, consider factors such as age, gender, and personality of the baby. You should also consider the overall style of the photoshoot (e.g. vintage, rustic, modern). Choose props that complement the baby’s natural features and avoid overusing props as they can distract from the main subject.

Where can I buy baby photography props?

You can buy baby photography props from many places including online marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy, photography supply stores, or even your local craft store. You can also make DIY props using materials like fabric or cardboard.

How do I safely use baby photography props?

Safety should always be the top priority when using baby photography props. Avoid props with sharp edges, small parts, or those that could potentially harm the baby. Always have an assistant or a parent to hold the baby during the photoshoot to prevent any accidents. Additionally, sanitize props before and after use to prevent the spread of germs.

What are some tips for using baby photography props?

Some tips for using baby photography props include coordinating colors and patterns, using natural light, keeping the background simple, and letting the baby’s personality shine through. Make sure to also adjust the prop as needed throughout the photoshoot to keep the baby comfortable and safe.

How can I incorporate family members into the photoshoot with props?

You can incorporate family members into the photoshoot by having them hold or interact with the baby photography props. You can also use props that have special meaning to the family, such as a family heirloom or a favorite stuffed animal. Including family members in the photoshoot creates a more memorable and meaningful experience for everyone.

What do I do with baby photography props after the photoshoot is over?

You can store baby photography props for future use, donate them to a photography studio or a local charity, or even repurpose them for home decor. Make sure to clean and properly store props to keep them in good condition for future use.

What are some mistakes to avoid when using baby photography props?

Some mistakes to avoid when using baby photography props include overusing props, using props that are too distracting or pose a risk to safety, and not considering the overall theme or style of the photoshoot. Avoid using props that do not fit the baby’s personality or features and always prioritize safety.

What are some creative ways to use baby photography props?

Some creative ways to use baby photography props include using them to create a themed photoshoot, creating a timeline of the baby’s growth using different props, or incorporating props that represent a special occasion or interest. You can also use props to tell a story or create a specific mood or atmosphere in the photos.

Can I use digital props in my baby photoshoot?

Yes, you can use digital props in your baby photoshoot using photo editing software. Digital props can add a personal touch to the photos and allow for more creative flexibility. However, make sure not to overdo it or use digital props that distract from the baby as the main subject.

Do I need professional photography experience to use baby photography props?

No, you do not need professional photography experience to use baby photography props. However, it is important to have a basic understanding of photography fundamentals like lighting, composition, and camera settings. You can also watch online tutorials or take photography classes to improve your skills.

Related Products for Baby Photography Props

  • Baby Wraps and Swaddles: One of the most essential props needed for newborn photography is a baby wrap or swaddle. They not only keep the baby warm and snug but also add a beautiful texture to the photos. Look out for organic and stretchy material, which are safe and comfortable for the baby.
  • Baby Headbands and Hats: Headbands and hats are a sweet addition to your baby’s photography session. They can add a pop of color, texture, and style to any shot. Moreover, they can be used to cover any bald spots or uneven hair. Choose headbands and hats that are comfortable and fit well on the baby’s head.
  • Baby Wrinkle-Free Backdrops: Backdrops are an essential part of any photography set-up. Opt for a wrinkle-free backdrop, which makes editing and post-processing much easier. Choose a color that complements the baby’s skin tone and the overall theme of the shoot. A classic white or beige backdrop always works well.
  • Posing Pillows and Beanbags: It’s crucial to have a comfortable and safe environment for the baby during a photography session. Posing pillows and beanbags are perfect props for sleepy and peaceful poses. Additionally, they help support and secure the baby during the shoot. Invest in high-quality, non-toxic posing pillows that are soft and easy to clean.
  • Baby Milestone Blankets: Milestone blankets are a charming way to document your baby’s growth and developmental milestones. They feature a calendar or grid that allows you to mark important dates and click pictures in a consistent, uniform manner. Choose a soft, durable, and machine-washable blanket with clear markings.
  • Baby Toys and Accessories: Adding props like toys and accessories can help bring out the personality and interests of your baby. Consider using stuffed animals, toy blocks, flower crowns, tutus, and other relevant items to create a unique and personalized shoot. Make sure the props are safe and clean and do not overwhelm the baby.
  • Lighting and Reflector Kits: Good lighting can make or break a photo shoot. If you are shooting indoors, you can use artificial lighting kits to create a soft and flattering light. Choose a kit that offers adjustable brightness and color temperature. Additionally, you can invest in a reflector kit, which helps fill in shadows and adds a natural glow to the baby’s skin.
  • Photo Editing Software: Post-processing is an essential part of any photo shoot. You can use photo editing software to enhance the colors, remove blemishes, and create a cohesive and professional look. Popular software options include Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and PicMonkey. Make sure to learn and practice the editing process beforehand.

Pros & Cons of Using Baby Photography Props


  • Diverse range: With a variety of options like hats, wraps, baskets, headbands, and blankets, there are endless creative possibilities to capture a unique photograph.
  • Adds visual appeal: Using props can add an extra layer of visual interest to a photograph, making it more interesting and unique. They can also help draw the viewer’s attention to important elements in the photo.
  • Creates a theme: Props can be used to create or enhance a chosen theme for the photo, such as a holiday, season, or special event.
  • Helps soothe babies: Some props, like swaddling wraps, can have a calming effect on babies, making them feel safe and comfortable during the photo shoot process.
  • Memorable keepsakes: Using props can create memorable and sentimental keepsake photos that families can cherish for years to come.
  • Cons:

  • Can be distracting: If props are overused or are too large, they can distract from the subject and take away from the overall composition of the photo.
  • Can be expensive: Depending on the prop and where it is purchased, props can be quite expensive adding additional costs to the photography service.
  • Not always practical: Some props can be difficult to transport or set up, which can add extra stress to the photo shoot process. They may also not be practical to use in certain environments, such as outdoor shoots.
  • Can take away from the natural beauty of the baby: Overuse of props can take away from the natural beauty and simplicity of the baby, which may become obscured behind the props.
  • Can be a health hazard: Certain props may pose potential health and safety risks to babies, such as those with small parts that can be swallowed, or sharp edges that could cause injury. Photographers must be aware of the potential hazards and ensure that all props used are safe and suitable for infants.

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