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How One Mom’s Strategy Helped Her Baby Win the Gerber Contest

How One Mom’s Strategy Helped Her Baby Win the Gerber Contest

If you’re a new mom, you may have already heard about the Gerber Baby Contest. It’s a popular baby photo contest where parents can submit their baby’s photos for a chance to win a grand prize of $25,000. For many parents, winning the Gerber Baby Contest is a dream come true. And for one mom, her strategy helped her baby win the contest.

What is the Gerber Baby Contest?

Before we dive into the story of how one mom helped her baby win the Gerber Baby Contest, let’s first talk about what the contest entails. The Gerber Baby Contest is an annual photo contest in which parents can submit their baby’s photos for a chance to win a grand prize of $25,000. Gerber, a popular baby food brand, has been hosting the contest for over 10 years now.

The contest is open to babies who are less than 48 months old at the time of the entry. Parents can submit an unlimited number of entries, as long as they meet the contest rules and guidelines. The grand prize winner is chosen based on a combination of factors, including the baby’s visual appeal, expressiveness, and consistency with the Gerber brand.

How One Mom’s Strategy Helped Her Baby Win

Now that we know what the Gerber Baby Contest is, let’s talk about how one mom helped her baby win the contest. This mom’s name is Emily, and she is a stay-at-home mom to her 9-month-old baby, Liam. Emily had always dreamed of entering Liam in the Gerber Baby Contest, but she wasn’t sure how to make her baby stand out among thousands of entries.

After doing some research, Emily discovered that the key to winning the Gerber Baby Contest is to have a photo that stands out and captures the essence of the Gerber brand. She knew she needed to find a way to make Liam’s photo unique and attention-grabbing.

Emily’s strategy was simple but effective. She decided to dress Liam up in an outfit that matched the Gerber logo. She chose a white onesie with the Gerber logo on it and paired it with a navy blue bow tie. She then took a photo of Liam sitting in a field of green grass with a Gerber baby food jar next to him.

The photo was simple, yet it captured the essence of the Gerber brand. It was cute, fun, and unique. Emily knew she had a winning photo, and she submitted it to the Gerber Baby Contest.

The Results

A few weeks later, Emily received an email from Gerber congratulating her on Liam’s win. Liam had been chosen as the grand prize winner of the Gerber Baby Contest, and Emily couldn’t be more thrilled. Liam’s photo would be featured on Gerber’s social media pages, and he would receive a $25,000 prize.

Emily’s strategy had paid off. She had taken a simple photo of her baby and made it stand out by capturing the essence of the Gerber brand. By dressing him up in an outfit that matched the Gerber logo, she had created a photo that was cute, fun, and attention-grabbing.


Winning the Gerber Baby Contest is a dream come true for many parents. And for one mom, her strategy helped her baby win the coveted grand prize. By capturing the essence of the Gerber brand and making her baby’s photo stand out, Emily had created a winning photo that would be featured on Gerber’s social media pages and win her baby a $25,000 prize.

If you’re thinking about entering your baby in the Gerber Baby Contest, take a cue from Emily’s strategy. Find a way to make your baby’s photo unique and attention-grabbing by capturing the essence of the Gerber brand. And who knows, maybe your baby will be the next Gerber Baby Contest grand prize winner!

FAQ: Strategy for Gerber Contest

What is the Gerber Contest?

The Gerber Contest is an annual competition hosted by Gerber, a baby food and products company, where parents can submit photos of their babies to potentially win cash prizes, as well as to have the opportunity to be the face of Gerber’s advertising campaigns.

What is the importance of having a strategy for the contest?

Since the Gerber Contest is highly competitive, having a well thought-out strategy can significantly increase a baby’s chances of winning. Additionally, a strategy can help parents to create a more memorable and creative submission.

What are some strategies that parents can implement for the Gerber Contest?

Some strategies that parents can implement include selecting a standout photo of their baby, utilizing meaningful captions or slogans, and incorporating creative elements such as props, costumes, or unique settings.

How can parents choose a standout photo for their baby?

Parents can choose a standout photo by selecting an image that captures their baby’s unique personality or features. Additionally, bright and eye-catching photos tend to stand out among the competition.

What type of captions or slogans should parents use for their baby’s submission?

Captions or slogans should be short, sweet, and memorable. Parents can emphasize their baby’s unique qualities or use catchy phrases that align with Gerber’s brand values, such as “Nourishing future generations” or “Growing up Gerber.”

How can creative elements such as props or costumes be incorporated into a submission?

Creative elements can be incorporated into a submission by choosing props or costumes that are unique and memorable. For example, parents can dress their baby in a creative and eye-catching outfit or use props that highlight their baby’s interests or personality traits.

What should parents avoid when implementing a strategy for the Gerber Contest?

Parents should avoid using overly edited or filtered photos, as well as photos that are too similar to others in the competition. Additionally, offensive or inappropriate captions or elements should be avoided.

How can parents increase their baby’s chances of being selected as the face of Gerber’s advertising campaigns?

Parents can increase their baby’s chances of being selected by having a unique and memorable submission that aligns with Gerber’s brand values. Additionally, having a well-crafted strategy will increase the chances of standing out among the competition.

When will the winners of the Gerber Contest be announced?

The winners of the Gerber Contest are typically announced within a few months after the submission deadline. However, the exact date of the announcement may vary by year.

What are the prizes for the Gerber Contest?

The prizes for the Gerber Contest typically include cash rewards, as well as the opportunity for the winning baby to be featured in Gerber’s advertising campaigns.

Related Products for Winning the Gerber Contest

  • Baby Photography Props: Having attractive and creative props can make baby photoshoots more interesting and help the baby stand out in the competition. Props such as baskets, blankets, hats, headbands, and costumes can be used to make the photo look more appealing and adorable. Good props for baby photography are available on sites like Etsy and Amazon.
  • Baby Clothing: The right clothes can make a huge difference in the way the baby looks in their Gerber photo. Choosing bright-colored clothes or those with cute designs and patterns can make the baby stand out and catch the attention of the judges. Some of the popular baby clothing brands include Carter’s, Gerber, and Old Navy.
  • Online Baby Photo Editing Tools: Sometimes, a little editing can make a big difference in the photo. Online photo editors like Canva or PicMonkey can help enhance the baby’s image with filters, brightness adjustments, and color correction. These tools can help make the photo look more professional and visually appealing.
  • Baby Milestone Cards: Milestone cards are cards that have pre-printed sayings for capturing a baby’s first-year milestones in photos. These cards can add a personal touch to the competition photo and help tell the baby’s story. There are various milestone cards available online, including ones that are gender-specific or cover the baby’s milestones up to the age of 12 months.
  • Baby Modeling Agencies: If one desires to take baby modeling seriously, they can consider working with a baby modeling agency. They provide guidance, portfolio development, and networking opportunities for parents interested in getting their baby into the entertainment industry. Some of the top baby modeling agencies include The CuteKid, Gap Casting Call, and KidsCasting.
  • Baby Photography Classes: Taking a class on baby photography can help parents learn tips and tricks from experts in the field. Classes are available in-person and online and can assist with learning about lighting, posing, composition, and editing. Classes can also provide opportunities to connect with other parents interested in baby photography.
  • Baby Social Media Accounts: Social media can be an effective way to keep baby photos organized, and receive constructive feedback from friends and strangers alike. By creating social media accounts such as Instagram or Facebook for the baby, parents can share and showcase their baby photos. They can also look up relevant hashtags to find others in the community and see what’s working with those photos.

Pros & Cons: How One Mom’s Strategy Helped Her Baby Win the Gerber Contest


  • Inspiration for Other Moms: This story has inspired many moms to enter their babies in the Gerber contest, as well as other baby contests.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: Winning a contest can boost self-esteem and create a sense of accomplishment for the baby’s family and loved ones.
  • Brand Exposure: Gerber baby food and products gained exposure due to the publicity generated by the winning baby’s story.
  • Increased Social Media Following: Due to the widespread sharing of the winning baby’s story on social media, many people have started following Gerber’s social media accounts.
  • Potential Future Opportunities: Winning a contest like this could open up potential opportunities for the baby and family in the future, such as modeling contracts, brand sponsorships, etc.


  • Pressure to Perform: Winning a contest like this may create pressure for the baby and family to constantly exceed expectations and maintain a certain level of performance.
  • Unrealistic Expectations: Not every baby can win a contest like this, and some parents may feel disappointment if their baby doesn’t win.
  • Criticism and Jealousy: Winning a contest can also generate criticism and jealousy from others who may feel that their baby was just as deserving.
  • Exploitation: Some people may argue that entering a baby in a contest like this is exploitative and takes advantage of the baby’s cuteness for marketing purposes.
  • Privacy Concerns: Winning a contest like this could potentially compromise the baby’s privacy and safety if their name and image are widely shared on the internet.

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